The traditional Dutch “stroopwafels” are a real treat for all tourists visiting Holland. Once having tasted these delicious authentic cookies, one can simply not leave our country without purchasing a small supply of the typical Dutch stroopwafels. Now what would be more practical than being able to take these cookies with you in your suitcase, in a package that will assure you your stroopwafels will get to their destination in one piece? AKPA Holland offers you the solution: Delicious Dutch Stroopwafels, packaged in a flat can.

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The can, nicely designed and decorated with typical Dutch elements, contains six waffles, traditionally produced and packed per two pieces.

On request, we also offer a sleeve with your company logo and a personal message, matching the can. Besides the personalized can, there is an option to have a card, telling the history of the stroopwafel put inside the can. Of course, we offer this card in multiple languages.

We hope to have aroused your interest in AKPA Holland’s delicious Dutch stroopwafels. Please be so kind to mail us your order at:

About AKPA Holland

AKPA Holland originated in 2015 and focuses on traditional Dutch products in the tourism industry. The delicacies from our small country takes the Dutchman for granted, but for someone who frequently visits our country, it is a very special and unique experience. Think of licorice, herring and of course waffles.

For more information about AKPA Holland, please contact one of the owners, Paul Alexander of Niels de Jong.